LED Bathroom Sink Faucet

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The  modern faucet for the bathroom is built with temperature control LED lights, which will visually display you the water temperature when different temperatures of water flow from the faucet, blue for cold water, green for warm water, and red for hot water, it's Hydrodynamic, no batteries or plug necessary, simply light up your sink with this cool but extremely functional faucet. 

this single handle bathroom faucet is designed with a wide spout, when you open the faucet, it will create a mini and vivid waterfall view, when the water temperature changes, the color-changing faucet makes your washing and rinsing have much fun, oh man you'll love it.

These bathroom faucets, as you are aware, have three color-changing LED lights that will give your house a festive and exciting feel. Additionally, they are waterproof, so you won't have to worry about the lights shorting out.
As a last reminder, make sure the operating water pressure is more than 0.4 MPa as this hydrodynamic LED faucet is not ideal for low water pressure as low water pressure cannot supply enough power to make the LED light operate.

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