Flat Mop Glide Pro™
Flat Mop Glide Pro™
Flat Mop Glide Pro™
Flat Mop Glide Pro™
Flat Mop Glide Pro™
Flat Mop Glide Pro™

Flat Mop Glide Pro™

249 reviews
Simplify your cleaning routine with effortless efficiency and superior cleanliness
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  • 💥Blasts through dirt: Saves your effort in cleaning.
  • 👌Self-Cleaning: Just rinse, dry and reuse!
  • 🚪No Scratches: Safe for all surfaces
  • 👩🏼‍🚒Easy to use: Designed with you in mind.
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" This mop has literally changed how I clean the house. It's extremely handy to use and the self-cleaning function is a game changer. Absolutely love it! "
Sandra S.

Key Features:

  1. Innovative Design for Effortless Cleaning:
    The innovative design of Shine Glide Pro™ 2023 lets you clean your floors with ease, eliminating the need for back-breaking bending or straining.
  2. Self-Cleaning Perfection:
    With our self-cleaning feature, you can effortlessly rinse off dirt and debris from the mop, ensuring a hygienic cleaning experience every time.
  3. Large Coverage, Time-Saving:
    The generous 42cm size of this mop allows you to cover a larger surface area, reducing the time and effort required to make your floors shine.
  4. Versatile Cleaning:
    Shine Glide Pro™ 2023 is your go-to mop for both wet and dry cleaning. It's perfect for various surfaces, including hardwood, tile, laminate, and more.
  5. Microfiber Magic:
    Our mop includes highly absorbent microfiber pads that effectively trap dirt, dust, and allergens, leaving your floors spotless and streak-free.

Upgrade your cleaning game with Shine Glide Pro™ 2023 and enjoy a cleaner, more convenient, and hygienic home today!

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Self-contained Dewatering Scraper

Easily dehydrate the mop with a simple up-and-down motion of the scraper. The toothed comb on the scraper eliminates hair and sundries for a cleaner mop

Experience Hassle-Free Cleaning! 👍

Unveiling the Shine Glide Pro cleaning mop, the high-performing, self-cleaning mop that leaves no dirt or spills behind. Say goodbye to strenuous mopping and hello to an easier, more efficient cleaning experience.

Tired of Inefficient Traditional Mops? 😓

With traditional mops, you likely spend half your time cleaning the mop itself! Shine Glide Pro eliminates this problem. Its self-cleaning function leaves the mop head ready to tackle the next mess, saving you time and effort.

Fear Scratching Your Floors? 😭

The Shine Glide Pro's gentle microfibre pad means you'll never have to worry about damaging delicate surfaces again. Just slide and clean with full confidence that your floors are safe.











Real people, Real reviews


"This mop has literally changed how I clean the house. It's extremely handy to use and the self-cleaning function is a game changer. Absolutely love it!"

Sandra S.
Liverpool, UK

"Honestly didn't expect it to be THIS good. It cleans perfectly without leaving any scratches and self-cleans like a dream. I wish I had found this sooner."

Jessica J.
Manchester, UK

"Wow! Cleaning has never been this simple. Shine Glide Pro is a life-saver for a busy mom like me. I can clean the whole house effortlessly within no time."

Mary M.
Austin, US

"Really impressed with this mop. It traps all the dust and is super light. Love that it cleans itself and is ready to use anytime I need!"

Betty B.
Austin, US

"I've used so many mops before, but this one is hands down the best. The self-cleaning feature is simply amazing. It's really safe for all types of floors. Highly recommend 👍🏽."

Susan S.
Liverpool, UK

Try the Shine Glide Pro Today! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

We're confident that you'll love our Shine Glide Pro mop. If it's not everything we say it is, send it back within 30 days for a full refund. You've got nothing to lose! Try the Shine Glide Pro today and elevate your cleaning game!