Immense RGB Linear Minimalist Outdoor Wall Lamp
Immense RGB Linear Minimalist Outdoor Wall Lamp
Immense RGB Linear Minimalist Outdoor Wall Lamp
Immense RGB Linear Minimalist Outdoor Wall Lamp
Immense RGB Linear Minimalist Outdoor Wall Lamp
Immense RGB Linear Minimalist Outdoor Wall Lamp
Immense RGB Linear Minimalist Outdoor Wall Lamp

Immense RGB Linear Minimalist Outdoor Wall Lamp

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Emitting Color

Enjoy a Calming Atmosphere with Comfortable Color Temperature

Create the perfect atmosphere with Comfortable Color Temperature! This innovative product provides a gentle and inviting glow, enhancing any space with its calming hue. It's ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms, staircases, balconies, bars, kitchens, offices, restaurants, hotels and more. With its adjustable temperature range you can customize your lighting to create just the right environment - no matter what your needs or preferences may be.

EPA-Certified LED Lights with High IP67 Standards

Our high-quality aluminium lamp holder and acrylic light shell is the perfect choice for your home or business lighting needs. With an IP67 MW UL driver, our LED lights have an extensive lifetime that lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. Plus, with its water-proof, IP65 standard mark design you can rest assured no rust occurred or damage will occur even in wet conditions.

Stay Eco-Friendly with Easy Wall Mounted Efficiency

Easy To Install Wall Surface mounted, Wired product is the perfect solution for those who want to join in the fight against climate change. This energy saving design ensures that you not only do your part but also save on electricity. Simply mount this device either vertical or horizontal to match any décor and rest assured this will be a breeze to install without the need of a complex installer! So make sure your home is green with our easy-to-install wall surface mounted device today!

Transform Your Patio with Our Eye-Catching Light Fixtures

Bring life to your outdoor space with our Excellent Lighting Effect! Our black outdoor light fixtures wall mount throws light up and provides colored lighting that can be customized to fit your décor. Not only do these modern-looking fixtures emit plenty of brightness, but they also adequately illuminate the porch entryway without casting excessive glare. With our sophisticated lighting system, you can create an inviting atmosphere while still maintaining a safe environment.

  • Design:¬†Modern designed with Linear shape, the wall lamp reflects off the wall to light the space. The exquisite elements of quality life can enhance the style of your house, which is the beautiful and minimalist wall decoration, easy to install, simple to operate.
  • Easy to install¬†(5 minutes):¬†Surface mounting, using screws to fix, not difficult to install. The wall lamp is NOT battery operated! The wall lights will come as hard wired.
  • High-quality material:¬†High-transmission acrylic lampshade, uniform light transmission, durable, soft and delicate, and strong texture. The high-quality metal lamp body is firm, corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.
  • Smart & energy saving LED:¬†lamps can reduce the running cost of electricity by up to 90%.

  • Height:¬†Multiple sizes available

  • Bar width:¬†3.5 inches (9 cm)¬†

  • Integrated LED Wattage:¬†20 Watt

  • Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):¬†110

  • Voltage:¬†100-240V suitable for all countries

  • Material:¬†Aluminum

  • Certificate:¬†UL Listed¬†

  • Control: Remote Control

  • Power Source:¬†Hard wired is for an existing setup in your wall/ceiling.

  • Built-in LED Light:¬†Available in RGB, RGBWW (RGB + Warm White), check out other listings for warm, warm white, cold white.

  • Dry, Damp or Wet Location Listed:¬†Wet.¬†This indicates whether the fixture is safe to use in dry locations, damp locations (moist environments), or wet locations (direct exposure to water).

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